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"Networking is the art of skillful communication!"


The Career Changers Network of the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board is a non-profit, all volunteer, job search network group.   CCN is for business professionals, at all levels, that are now un-employed, under-employed, and/or those currently seeking new career opportunities.   This free networking group focuses on professional, managerial, executive, and sales personnel that are actively involved in the job search.  CCN offers you -  
  • A professional meeting environment to share job opportunities and information on a weekly basis.
  • An opportunity to review job search activity and results with peers.
  • Direct access to all the support provided by the Department of Workforce Development.
  • Helpful information and training from guest speakers.
  • The opportunity to meet with recruiters, HR professionals, retired business associates on an informal basis to discuss career opportunities and strategies.  
Our Mission

The Career Changers Network is a collective gathering of business professionals, business leaders, and volunteer supporters with the common goal of re-establishing or changing individual career paths for the benefit of the career changer, businesses, and the community at large.  The focus is on collaborative, win-win, professional networking that creates sustainable long term success. 



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